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Ocean Adventure: Scuba Show

Ready to take the dive? Find all your gear and info in Long Beach.



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    Scuba Show
    Ready to take the dive? Find all your gear and info at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7.

    300 EXHIBITORS: Wherever you are on your diving journey, whether you've completed 500 dives in a variety of hidden cays and coves around the world or you're just starting to think about dipping a toe into the water, a scuba-smart expo can come in handy. Why? Well, when there are 300 exhibitors on the grounds of the expo representing all manner of equipment and gear and suits and travel opportunities, you get a wider view of what's out there, even if you've done it all, or feel as though you have. And if you haven't done it all, or even begun to do it, then this could be the tiny push you need in the direction you've been pondering. The Scuba Show, which is celebrating its 30th year in 2017, will once again paddle into the Long Beach Convention Center for two days of info-packed-a-tude, the kind of information-sharing both pros and newbies desire. The dates are...

    SATURDAY, MAY 6 AND SUNDAY, MAY 7, and newcomers to the pursuit are invited to dip into the "try-diving pool," for free, "with the help of trained professionals." Themed photo areas will provide light-hearted costume-up opportunities, while a huge 19-foot video wall will beam in a live feed from the Catalina exhibit at the nearby Aquarium of the Pacific. As for products and such? A new product showcase will give seasoned scuba divers a look at what's just coming onto the market. Sustainable seafood cooking demos, helpful seminars, door prizes (including trips), and other happenings will swim through the weekend-long convention like a large school of fish. Need to commune with the ocean and all of its glub-glub-able glory? You'll need a ticket, so flip your flippers this way.