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Open: State Parks Near the National Parks

The California State Parks has provided a helpful list for those changing up vacation plans.



    THE NATURE OF NATURE: Many would say that nature can be a cruel place, where each creature or plant must thrive on its own. But of course this isn't always the case, right? It's also a world where animals rely on each other, as do various forms of flora, meaning that partnerships are also key in the wild. Some might say that the California State Parks and the national parks within the Golden State also share such a nature-based, nice 'n helpful camaraderie. As one would expect, of course; nature and its care is paramount, regardless of agency.

    WITH THAT IN MIND... it is good to remember that the state parks remain open as the national parks hang up the closed banner in the wake of the government shutdown on Tuesday, Oct. 1. There isn't a lot of run-up to the closure, either; Yosemite National Park is asking visitors to leave, though those guests with hotel reservations have through Thursday, Oct. 3. Still, things are happening quickly, which means that people who'd planned a national park vacation must make other plans. And here to help? Why it is the good people of the California State Parks system, of course. They've compiled a list of those state parks pretty near or very much adjacent to the now-closed national parks.

    AND THAT LIST INCLUDES... Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, and Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve. The list is a hefty one, and could keep the full-time nature traveler more than busy through the close of 2013. Yes, we do indeed want our national parks to re-open, and soon, but loving on the state parks, now and after the national parks are back in business, is paramount. After all, life on this planet works in large part because of partnerships, support, and a little TLC.