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San Diego Supping: Taste of Hillcrest



    DOUGH DEVOTION: You always remember the best loaf of bread you ever had, and when it was, and, most importantly, where. One of our loveliest loafages came directly from the busy ovens of Bread & Cie on University Avenue in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood. We recognize that many others have this in common with us, and that they'll be loafing, and sushi-ing, and yogurt-ing, about Hillcrest on Saturday, April 16. It's Taste of Hillcrest time is why.

    50+ EATERIES: Bread & Cie is on the roster -- it would have been odd for us to make mention of it if it wasn't -- as are many Hillcrest favorites. An advance ticket to the four-hour sup-tacular is $30, and we do stress "advance" here, because word on the site is this thing is sells out. Hours are noon to 4 p.m., meaning you can use the word "linner" throughout the event and no one will call you on it.