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Scotty's Castle: Adopt-a-Room Program

A Death Valley gem weathers some dramatic weather (there's a way to help).



    Scotty's Castle: Adopt-a-Room Program
    Scotty's Castle, one of the historic gems of the desert, has sustained some damage from a recent storm. Want to lend support? There's a way.

    THOSE WHO COUNT THE CASTLE... as a favorite family destination, one that they've revisited multiple times over the years, may heave a sigh of disappointment, especially if a holiday trip was planned to the '20s-era favorite. But the bigger sighs being sighed likely spring from a supporter's wish to do something for this true gem of the American West, one that represents a certain pioneer spirit and remote scrapiness, qualities once possessed by the castle's namesake and local raconteur, Walter Scott. If you want to lend a hand to the landmark, there's the Scotty's Castle Adopt-a-Room Program, which is a nifty way of putting your funds into a specific area of the house. If you want to learn more about the park damage wrought by the mid-October flood, you can stay abreast with the Death Valley Natural History Association or the National Park Service. If you want to make a one-time donation to help with the restoration of the castle, the DVNHA is a fine place to start.