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Shadow of the Moon Star Party

A full eclipse of our lunar neighbor is due, and Borrego Springs is looking up.



    WHERE ARE YOU... on the night of a lunar event? Are you inside, re-watching the same funny animal video you've seen a dozen times? Are you washing your socks? Scrubbing your tub? Don't guffaw. Plenty of people hear a special sky moment is ahead, only to let it pass out of their ether while thinking "there'll be more of those." Well, indeed, but isn't nice to take the excited, non-jaded approach and build your evening around watching the cosmic event, rather than catching it later online? The tub can wait and your socks can, too, especially when there's a Blood Moon involved.

    OH, DID WE SAY "BLOOD MOON"? We did indeed, for that's straight ahead on Monday, April 14-Tuesday, April 15. It's quite the dramatic moniker, which suits the dramatic and rare spectacle: A total eclipse of the moon, with a slight reddening, due to earthly light refraction (not the earth's light, of course, but our planet bouncing some sunlight the moon's way). If catching this later, online, after you fold your socks, sounds unsatisfactory, here's the far more meaningful route: Make for the desert, where astronomer Dennis Mammana will be setting up the big telescope and talking all things eclipse.

    BORREGO SPRINGS RESORT & SPA... is the spot and April 14 is the night (the eclipse will start before midnight on the West Coast). Other "amateur astronomers" will be on hand to look up with hotel guests. Oh, yes, that's right: The hotel has a sleepover package on, paired with the eclipse watching, for $101, based on double occupancy. There's a way to attend the star party without staying at the hotel, too, but since you'll be there into the wee smalls, won't you want to retire to your hotel room, to snooze off all of the moon madness? There aren't many hotels in the world that bring in the telescopes when something spectacular happens in the sky, but Borrego Springs has one. Go, astronomy aficionados. The socks and tub-scrubbing can wait.