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Sundance Ticket Registration Opens

The planet's most famous indie-flick-a-rama hits "go" on ticket registration.



    NOT QUITE: That old saying that goes "half the town," as in "half the town" goes to the fair when it is in tow or "half the town" watches the Oscars or "half the town" empties out and heads for the Sundance Film Festival? That is a stretch when applied to any event or happening, colorful though it might be. So no, half of Los Angeles does not actually go to the world's most famous film festival every January, but a good deal of people do, including very serious film fans and the people who make films. So while it is untrue that several million people pour into Park City -- which is a bit smaller than greater SoCal -- it is true that people who influence movies, through funding and fandoming and the making of, do. That's an important distinction and one that probably should be made. And as we type this probably half the town -- oh, wait, we just debunked that old saying -- is signing up for individual ticket registration, which opened on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

    THE DEAL: If you plan on hitting the snowy, starry cinema spectacular, which flickers from Jan. 17-27, 2013 in Utah, you can sign up for a "purchase timeslot" from Nov. 6 through Dec. 17. You'll get your timeslot on Dec. 20. Then you'll purchase your ticket from Jan. 8 through 10. It's a system, for sure, but one that helps keep things orderly and feelings unruffled (well, missing at least one movie you really want to see at any large festival is a given, but you have to flow with it). We know Sundance is coming when the AFI Fest opens in Hollywood; that's generally when the flurry of Park City ticket-buying news begins, so keep those two together in your mind (we know, they're not affiliated, except in their love of all things celluloid). One other way to know it is time to register for individual tickets? When half the town talks about going to Sundace. Oh, wait, right. We totally wrote a whole paragraph about how that isn't really accurate already. Old habits, etc.