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The Deep Sea Tasting Room



    NICE NAME: Lovers of vineyards and wineries don't necessarily need the tasting rooms they visit to have interesting or memorable names. If they go to XYZ Winery and the tasting room is monikered The XYZ Winery Tasting Room then, well. Yay that. Bet the wine is as winning. But if a spot takes on a whimsical handle that has much to do with its location, then triple yay to that, and a big round of high fives, too (we'll be sure to unhand our wine glass before commencing the high-fiving). Conway Family Wines recently debuted its Deep Sea Wine Tasting Room at Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, and we're betting that "Deep Sea Tasting Room" will stick in your craw for a good long time to come. As it should.

    ABOUT THE ROOM: There are watery and hilly views -- oh look, a sailboat, and another, and another, and oh look, the Channel Islands, and oh look, Santa Barbara itself -- and the winery's Deep Sea label offerings will be up for the trying (you can look at a whole slew of 'em here). It's open every day of the week, and there's an outdoor patio. That's plum, an outdoor patio on a wharf. We practically don't even need to be trying wine to enjoy those two things, but who are we kidding? We're at a tasting room, we're trying the wine.