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Turkey Up the Palm Springs Tram

Looking for a different holiday this November? Go up one very big hill.



    T DAY ON TOP: All of us celebrate the holidays in our own ways. Some of us dress as ghosts on Halloween, some as vampires. Some people like chocolates on Valentine's Day, some like roses, some just want to hang out with their special sweetheart. But Thanksgiving? We suspect that is the one holiday that has a lot of commonalities across the board. People who mark the day probably don't vary greatly from other people who mark the day; we like to cook the same things, generally, eat around the same time, generally, and fall asleep on the couch to football, usually. So whenever something a bit offbeat catches our eye, something that changes up the holiday, a bit, while keeping a lot of its hallmarks, we like to make note. That offbeat thing is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway's Thanksgiving celebration, a celebration that has been growing in popularity in the last few years.

    THE CLASSIC TOUCHES: The Peaks Restaurant, which is a tram-ride up the side of San Jacinto, will serve a traditional meal on Thursday, Nov. 22. So think homestyle stuffing, roasted almond French beans, candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, fig salad, and, yep, turkey. A carving station and dessert display are pretty darn classic, too. Cost is forty two dollars for an adult, and note that tram admission is additional. There's also a Ride 'N Dine option at the more casual Pines Cafe.

    THE NOT-SO-CLASSIC TOUCHES: How often does one get to arrive for a holiday meal by aerial tramway? It isn't exactly pulling the station up to the curb. Rather, it feels like a special event, and is definitely a big deal for younger family members. The tram also suggests having a walk about, perhaps after your meal, in San Jacinto State Park. It's a bit of a Thanksgiving change-up, setting-wise, while keeping the foods familiar and traditional.