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Two Harbors High Jinks: Shipwreck Weekend

Make for the other end of Catalina Island for a spirited party.



    YOU MIGHT HAVE NOTICED... oh, over the last decade or so, that there have been a lively proliferation of pirate-themed festivals, costume contests, and to-dos. Thank, in large part, "The Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise -- we're all a little enamored with Captain Jack Sparrow -- and thank the growing industry of cosplay-themed fan conventions. And while most of these gatherings are cool and colorful and packed with the spirit of "arrrr" they're mostly... in convention halls or in parks or, yes, occasionally, in a harbor, near a boat. High fives all around to every last pirate party, though pirates high five to celebrate or do something wilder, like climb a mast? We have questions.

    BUT... only a few gatherings dominated by tri-cornered hat- and breech-wearing crowds actually go down on actual islands, as in, places fully surrounded by water, as in, hunks of land located out in the ocean. One close to Southern California does, however. It's called Shipwreck Weekend, and while you might correctly guess it is on Catalina Island -- it is indeed -- your next guess should probably not be Avalon, the island's main hub.

    INDEED... it is a Two Harbors party, which makes us want to give a hearty "matey" or fist pump. (Do pirates give fist pumps to celebrate or do something wilder, like dance on the plank?) Two Harbors, as island aficionados know, does not have the visitor traffic of bigger Avalon, meaning it is the ideal place to go all old-timey pirate. Though the party, which arrrrrs from Friday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13, isn't all old-timey -- live tunes and adult beverages shall dominate. Oh, and for color, a costume contest and a treasure hunt. People do dress up, they do get down, and they do enjoy the quaint burg over a pretty spring weekend. Will it make you feel as though you're a real ye olden pirate? Wellll... perhaps not, what with the electricity for the band's instruments and various drink mixers, but revelers do get into the high-seas spirit.