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Venice Beach Valentine



    STRAND-ADJACENT SWEETHEARTS: Some people may want to go with a traditional, semi-stuffy dining experience come February 14. Others are looking for a casualer experience, and thank goodness Venice Beach has the idea of "casualer" down so well. Flip flops in February is a reality 'round these parts, and spending a night at Hotel Erwin means you don't have to get all gussied up.

    VALENTINE'S DEAL: The Joie de Vivre hotel has a "Venice Beach Valentine" deal on. There's sparkling wine involved, and a bouquet "handcrafted by a local Venice Beach florist." We're not sure if it'll have particularly Venice-y touches, but it cheers one to know the local love will be spread. $239 is the starting rate. If you're more into street food, and less into flowers, there's a separate package for that, too, at the Erwin; read more about "Takin' It to the Street."