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Capitola Begonia Festival



    BEGONIAS AND BOATS: It's a funny thing about the Capitola Begonia Festival, which is happening Sept. 3 through 6 in 2010. The word "begonia" may imply that you'll spend your festival visit leaning over shrubbery, sniffing. But we'd wager, and we wouldn't be alone in our wagering, that a lot of people remember the weekend's floating floats the most.

    FLOATING FLOATS: That's just flat-out fun to say. And here's what we're talking about: Capitola's Begonia Festival has a water parade that consists of decorated barges toodling down a creek into the Lagoon. It's quite spectacular, and people go the all-out route on their decorating. If you can't make Capitola over the holiday weekend, check out the pictures here.