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Celebrating 60 Years of "Peanuts"



    WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Are you more of a Linus, forever philosophizing on the most ephemeral of matters? Or a Lucy, blowzing your way through the day, imperially? Maybe we've all got a bit of Charle Brown to us, especially on those running-for-the-football-and-missing days. We cherish "Peanuts," the much-cherished comic strip that probably deserves the term "much-cherished" above other much-cherished things, and then some. You cherish "Peanuts," too. It's universal, "Peanuts" love; adoration for that comic strip is as certain as a kite getting caught in a tree on a blowy day.

    60TH ANNIVERSARY: Charles Schulz's famous characters marked 60 years on Oct. 2, 2010. And while Mr. Schulz, who passed away in 2000, is much associated with his birthplace of Minnesota, he also spent several years living in the area in and around Santa Rosa. The Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center is there now, and on Oct. 16, the museum is holding a special 60th anniversary behind-the-scenes tour for members. If you're a serious Schulzian, and know several strips by heart, this might be the perfect moment for you to get that membership.

    EVEN IF... you don't sign up for museum membership, you should make the trip up, some time, if you love "Peanuts." And we already determined that we all love "Peanuts," kites-getting-caught-in-trees, etc. It's just a fact.