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Happy 120th, Yosemite!



    YOSEMITE AT 120: You know that friend that doesn't want anything for her birthday, and asks you not to plan? Well. Maybe that's a bit like Yosemite National Park this year. Word is the famous valley has nothing planned for its 120th, which falls on Friday, Oct. 1, but we're still making note. You wouldn't not tell your pal happy birthday, or send her a card, even if she didn't want a fuss. And we wouldn't not send the love up the 99 and straight to Half Dome and the Royal Arches.

    PARTIES DOWN THE ROAD: Yosemite Today notes that there are some big celebrations for various park-y events in the coming years, so get out your calendars.

    THE CALIFORNIA QUARTER: You do know that's Half Dome on the back? Of course you do. And the great John Muir. If you've never been to our state's very, very (two "verys" required) famous national park, a park that is loved the world over, it is literally just a half day's drive north of here.

    MORE THANK YOUS: We mentioned John Muir. Much gratitude must also be paid to President Lincoln and the Buffalo Soldiers. We adore this place, you adore this place, and we today remember everyone who had a hand getting it to its 120th in such splendid, visitor-ready shape.