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Headless Horseman Train (with Lasers!)



    HEADLESS HORSEMAN: People were pretty mobile in Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," but that was courtesy of their steeds, rather than any iron horse. But a train is doing the moving, and the merrymaking, in 2010, in Fillmore. We're talking about the famous Fillmore & Western, of course, which has several crazy trains on right now, all with with a scary or sweetly seasonal theme. The Headless Horseman, which is chugging on certain dates through Friday, Oct. 29.

    HAYRIDE AND VITTLES, TOO: BBQ and fixins are on the menu; oh, and a search for a certain Mr. Horseman. And lasers. Lasers, of course, were not in the original "Sleepy Hollow," but we like the update. Check out the pictures here. There are also a few Pumpkinliners left for the year, too; that's a classic Fillmore ride, and if you haven't picked up your gourd yet, we recommend.