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Hot Cider and Cool Pools



    WARM WELCOME: La Quinta Resort & Club's lobby has a '20s-hued sheen to it, so when we hear of day-before-Thanksgiving-plans to turn the area into a full welcoming station for Thanksgiving guests we nod in agreement. One *should* sit on a comfy couch and listen to music and sip cider and revel in the holidayness of it all. The Thanksgiving Weekend Welcome at the property happens Wednesday, Nov. 24 from 1 to 5 p.m.

    OH, AND ABOUT DINNER... If you're making a special holiday getaway to the resort, you're probably curious about where and when you'll be enjoying your turkey and yams. Get info on the four spots where you can find a special dinner on Thursday, Nov. 25. And, after a good wait to let everything settle, you can head for the famous pools. All 41 of them.