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Meeting Your Holiday "Obli-cation"



    CONFESSION: If anyone anywhere does anything to the word "vacation," we'll usually read on, with interest. It usually involves adding "-cation" to another word -- think "staycation" -- which works, because "-cation" doesn't end too many words outside of the one we all know and love so dearly. So when Kimpton Hotels trumpeted its 2010 "obli-cation" deal -- that's like obligation, yes, meets vacation -- we were immediately pre-smitten. Then we got further smitten, when we read what the deal is about.

    WHAT THE DEAL IS ABOUT: Basically it is this: So many people want to return home or head for an event over the holidays, and they go with enthusiasm. Others? Hmm. Right. Not so much. There's the drama over the turkey dinner. The little unspoken quibbles. Movies have been made about all of this, multiple times, so we won't go on. Kimpton is kindly reaching out to this put-upon second group. Score a room discount over the two main holiday windows of Thanksgiving week and the end of the year; check here for specific dates. And score some gratis cocktails, too. That's important, right? You'll want to return to your hotel and download about the dinner over drinks.

    ALSO WHAT WE LIKE: That this is happening over two periods that are usually pretty shutdown in the deals department. Not always. Well played, Kimpton. Well played. You can "-cation" it up any word, in our books.