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Night Party at Cali's Tallest Lighthouse



    LIGHTHOUSE BY NIGHT: When the California State Parks Foundation alerted us to the fact that the Pigeon Point Lighthouse is doing something that it only does once a year, and it is a nighttime thing, we acted. Because. Lighthouses. You love them, we love them, and our state has several gorgeous Pacific-close towers, Pigeon Point being the tallest (it is generally regarded, far and wide, to be one of the sky-reachingest in all the land, in fact, not just California).

    FRESNEL LENS: If you adore lighthouses, you likely know all about the beauty and history of the Fresnel lens. Pigeon Point has one, it gets lit just once a year, there's a party to celebrate, and to celebrate the lighthouse's 138th birthday, and a lot of coastal denizens and lighthouse fans and Pigeon Point people turn up to look up (and up and up). The 2010 date is Saturday, Nov. 13, and while the very nice people at the lighthouse say the on-site hostel is booked up for the night -- yep, you can sleep there, just not on Nov. 13, if you don't have reservations -- you can attend anyway. It is free and open to all.

    BRING: A flashlight. Ohhhh. We love anything where we have to show with a flashlight.

    THE PDF: This will tell you more about everything. If you want to go, this is up south of Half Moon Bay, so we'd make some sort of overnight arrangements and soon. You can also follow Pigeon Point on Facebook. Boy howdy, what a great world. A lighthouse with a Facebook page. We'd love to tell the sailors that back in 1872, when Pigeon Point was built, but then, we'd have to start by explaining the Internet, and they'd probably be too busy with steering their ship, and we fear we'd skip some important parts in our explanation, and then, well. Best that we stick to once-a-year lighthouse parties in today's world, really. 

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