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Shake Up Your Holidays Package



    PHOENIX HOTEL: When the glowing quote at the top of your web site is from noneother than Anthony Kiedis, you know you're doing something right in the whole rockin' vibe thing. When you've got a big frog playing guitar by the pool, you know the props Mr. Kiedis is laying out for the hotel are likely 100% accurate. And when that hotel is handing out the holiday-time discounts, you do your own little air-guitar solo of excitement. That is, if you're looking to go to San Francisco and do it with a bit of dash.

    $119 AND UP: Good City by the Bay rate. With that you get your room. You'll also get a kit to make your own snow globe (a kit that is not yet standard in most hotels, but should be). And a "Rockin' Holidays" CD. Get dates and details and taxes and whereabouts and the ush (ush=usual; just trying to be more rock here). So what is that Frog by the pool playing? We're guessing "Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin. Amphibians love the damp, right?