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Six Intriguing Things About Rumor



    MARCH OF THE BOUTIQUESThe smaller and more specialized stay has been flowering around Las Vegas for some time now, and no longer is it enough simply to be a "boutique hotel" in the land of mega-resorts boasting 19 restaurants and 57 pools. With that in mind, we're looking at Rumor, the boutiquery that debuted last month.

    SIX THINGS: Here are the initial Rumor-y adds that have caught our eye. 1) Addiction, the inn's three-meal-a-day-er, serves a créme brulee oatmeal. 2) There are on-site hammocks. 3) Rumor welcomes woofers, and even boasts a dog run (handy). 4) All rooms come with either a balcony or patio, a nice place to escape when your friend is snoring off the night. 5) There's also a communal table in Addiction. Like. 6) It's in the former St. Tropez. You're obsessed with Vegas history? We all should be.

    SEVEN: It's named Rumor. Vegas hotel names are THE BEST.

    EIGHT: Okay, we said "six." But eight: Micky's in West Hollywood, that Miami-Beach-chic center of gay let's-go-out-and-dance nightlife, is giving Rumor-based getaways on Fridays. Call the club for details. (And, we should add on the hotel-themed front, that Micky's now has a "hotel-inspired" happy hour on Friday afternoons called "The Lobby.")