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The Perfect Spot to Watch the Geminids



    METEORS MAKE MERRY: Oh, Dec. 13. A date that's just about plunk in the middle of December. A prime day for a lot of humanity to be bustling about, worrying about stocking stuffers and trinkets and lists. But there are other things afoot outside of our busy holiday-focused worlds. Like the cosmos, and all the things inside the cosmos. Like meteors, for one. But do we mean "for one" there? For many, rather. We're talking about the Geminids, a pretty dazzling annual show of meteor might. Pretty dazzling if you're in the right spot, and a very dark spot, at the exact time.

    DESERT DESTINATION: While many of us live in areas that brighten-out the night sky, we're fortunate that vast stretches of lights-out desert are only a few hours drive away. And while many Geminids fans will head out to a favorite spot to watch, people looking to mix in a little r&r are in luck: Borrego Springs Resort & Spa has a Star Package on for the night of Dec. 13. An astronomer will be on hand to discuss matters of a Geminidia nature, there will be telescope viewing, and a room to boot. Prices start at $149/single, $101/double. Oh, and dinner, too. You'll want to look up on a full stomach, we're betting. And take a break, at least for a night, from the holiday go-go-go.