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The Pirates of the Caribbean Suite



    YO HO HOTEL: It was just last month when we were going wild -- as in "wiiiildest ride in the wilderness!" -- over the not-yet-open Big Thunder Suite at the recently refurbished Disneyland Hotel. Now, the Disneyland blog just debuted a peek inside another new suite that might raise some interest. It's based on Pirates of the Caribbean. You've heard of the ride? Maybe the movies?

    WE ARE JOKING! Joking. Is there a person anywhere who doesn't have a Captain Jack impression somewhere in their personal funny-character-voice arsenal? Is there anyone who has ever been on Pirates at Disneyland and not waved at the diners eating at the Blue Bayou? (You always, always have to wave, even if people don't wave back -- rule.)

    ONE IDEA, DISNEY: Can you bottle that one-of-a-kind smell of Pirates -- you know the kind of damp one, the one you detect when you first walk into the attraction -- and put it in the suite's soaps and shampoos? Thank you. If you're an aspiring buccaneer yourself, or want to treat a buccaneer you're sweet on to a night, the Disneyland Hotel recommends phoning to see about dates/prices. Arrrr. Arrrr. Well. Now we can't stop, and don't want to.