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You and Thousands, Watching Vegas Fireworks



    LAS VEGAS AT NEW YEAR'S: It may not be Christmastown in Sin City all year long, but we have to be the 2,011th person to observe that it is always kind of New Year's Eve, regardless of the date on the calendar. After all, people regularly stay up well past midnight, while holding something fizzy in one mitt, in the city. There is outlandish dress. There is a general over-the-top-ness that other places only allow every Dec. 31. So New Year's Eve itself? Well, in two words, one made-up: hoo boy.

    ABOUT THAT "HOO BOY": MSNBC reports that the Strip will be shut down to traffic starting at 6:30 p.m. on New Year's Eve. Later, much later, there will be fireworks. And between those two times? Hundreds of thousands of revelers, looking to cut loose in a city built on the reveling spirit. The Strip won't be the only place for the action -- parties and dinners are happening at the hotels and clubs up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, and off, too -- but know if you go you'll be welcoming 2011 with one or two or 300,000 other partiers. Oh Vegas! Keep rocking your Vegas-o-sity.