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Water Wonders: Tentacles Exhibit in Monterey

Octopuses, Squid, and Cuttlefishes get their moment in a mondo new show.



    YEAH, WE SAID "MEGA"... and we meant it. Let's start with the big run time of two-and-a-half years, give or take. Tentacles will stay put at the Monterey institution through Labor Day 2016. The special exhibition cost $3.5 million to put together, so count on educational and visual additions aplenty. Nemo Gould, a Bay Area artist, has created kinetic sculptures, digital elements shall be interactive, and "up to two dozen species" will cameo through the dozen different displays.

    IN SHORT... if you love a cephalopodist -- or are one -- it looks like a Monterey weekend is in your future. The world's largest cuttlefishes and the world's smallest squids will make appearances during the run, alongside a rainbow of octopus favorites. Here's hoping, though, that none of the residents inside Tentacles decide to take a midnight walk -- or midnight scurry? -- as a small octopus did at the aquarium a couple of years back.