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Winding Along the Pacific Coast Wine Trail

Get acquainted with a septet of Cambria and Cambria-region wineries.



    THE PACIFIC COAST WINE TRAIL: There are seven members along the trail, which came together in January 2013. One has a name you might have heard of -- Hearst Ranch Winery -- while three are in Cambria: Black Hand Cellars, Moonstone Cellars, and Twin Coyotes. Stolo Family Winery & Vineyards is a pinch east of Cambria, on Santa Rosa Creek Road, and then there are the two southerly members: The aforementioned, wild-chicken-adjacent Harmony Cellars and Cayucos Cellars, which very, very near Cayucos State Beach (like, very). You can keep an eye on events here -- there's a scarecrow fest party in Cambria in early October where all seven wineries'll be represented -- or you can just visit one or two at a time. And, yeah, there's a clambake in Harmony on Saturday, Aug. 31, which sounds pretty perfect, and a fine jumping-off point for getting to know at least half of the trail. But bet the first harvest season will be a lively one at any of the Pacific Coast Wine Trail spots, whether there are wild chickens roaming about or not.

    Seriously, Harmony, those chickens made a big impression, as do you. One of California's smallest towns but one of the biggest in heart, beauty, and natural charms.