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Worth the Drive: Clip-Clopping at the Circle Bar B

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    Worth the Drive: Clip-Clopping at the Circle Bar B
    Circle Bar B
    The Horse Lovers Package clip-clops at the Circle Bar B in Goleta.

    Your job: Decide to get out of town and fast. Our job: Help you find where you're headed. This week, NBCLA's Worth the Drive takes us to...

    The Circle Bar B: The mere name of this Goleta-close ranch makes us want to don our chaps. Now, where did we stow our spurs again?

    The Brown family: The owners and hosts of the Circle Bar B. It's a rare thing to have a family helm a hotel for several decades -- the Browns have been ranching there since the '30s -- so we wanted to tip our hat.

    Horse Lovers Package: There are several spur-up happenings at any one time around the Circle Bar B, but we wanted to spotlight this equine-nice deal, since the weather is turning fine and the thought of clip-clopping over those soft green Goleta hills makes the daily wearies dissipate.

    In it: The non-horsey part boasts a bottle of champagne, plus a room or cabin for two nights (two nights together, we should add) with every meal included. And the horsey part includes two half-day rides, or four hour-and-a-half rides, for two people. And on those rides? Views of the Pacific. Waterfalls. Goodbye, wearies.

    Why we like this: We're all different riders. Some have the stamina to go longer; some want quicker trips.

    Price: $734 for room or cabin; $994 for a cottage near the creek. (Each price is for two nights, note.)

    Beginners: We rang the affable staff at the Circle Bar B, who said wranglers meet with all guests to assess experience levels. Then the right horse is paired with the right rider. In short? First-timers are very much welcome, in addition to more seasoned saddle sitters. Now, where's that waterfall?