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Worth the Drive: Food & Water Bowl XVIII

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    Worth the Drive: Food & Water Bowl XVIII
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    Household cats show and pedigree cats compete at the Food & Water Bowl, January 23rd-24th in Del Mar.

    Your job: Decide to get out of town and fast. Our job: Help you find where you're headed. This week, NBCLA's Worth the Drive takes us to...

    Food & Water Bowl XVIII: It's part of the Cat Fanciers' Association show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

    Dates: Saturday, January 23rd and Sunday, January 24th

    Meow meow: As any feline follower can tell you, competitions and headline-attracting shows shouldn't all go to the dogs. With that in mind, and with the knowledge that the Westminster Dog Show is soon to give those headlines to the woofing set, we're loving on cats.

    At the show: You'll find 450 felines competing for high honors in the Food & Water Bowl XVIII. Plus rescue cats needing good homes. Cat-centered shopping. Agility activities. For-sale kittens, tumbling around and looking cute, of course. And the Food & Water Bowl XVIII.

    Household cats reign: Finding a competition that you can enter your own darling puss-puss in is a bit of a rarity. But your darling can be the star in Del Mar. Get the details on what the judges look for and how to prepare your pet for show.

    Did we mention videos? There are videos on the San Diego Cat site. Cat videos. Farewell, next several minutes. Hello, kitten training demos.