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Worth the Drive: Orange International Street Fair



    Worth the Drive: Orange International Street Fair
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    Walk the world and savor dishes aplenty, at the Orange International Street Fair, September 4th-6th

    Isn't downtown Orange one of the most awesomest, charmingest, walk-around-iest spots in all of Southern California? And don't even start us on that picturesque roundabout. We're mad for a good roundabout.

    If the thought of a roundabout is putting you in mind of overseas trips you've taken, you're in the right mental frame for the Orange International Street Fair. But then, we're always in the right mental frame for a sprawling spectacular devoted to foods of the world. We don't even need to be roundabout-adjacent to get a craving for pizza and gyros and tacos and... and.... And repeat.

    The Fair sizzles up the savory stuff for three days -- Friday, September 4th through Sunday, September 6th -- and whatever day you arrive, prepare to stroll. There are whole sections of downtown Orange given over to various countries, and there will be a lot to take in before you land on the three, four, five things you want to eat. Look for the banners hanging above the streets. They're helpful.

    Probably studying this map before you go is a good idea. Then you can play the know-it-all, bossy-boss with your friends. They love that.

    There's other stuff going down around Orange, entertainment, dance, soak-in-the-close-of-summer activities. You need some place to shake your thing between the calamari and the sausages, so make for the music stages.