Beam Me Up, Scotty! Connect With Others Around The World Via Hologram

Holoportation At Its Finest

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When you think of holograms, does that ghostly projection-like image come to mind? You are not alone if your immediate response was “yes.” Today I had the chance to visit Proto, Inc. in Van Nuys, just 20 minutes northwest of Universal City, to chat with CEO and Founder/Inventor, David Nussbaum about the technology that is revolutionizing the way you see and use holograms. No longer is it that grainy, ghost-like image (remember when Tupac was a hologram at Coachella in 2012 and the world went crazy!?). Holoportation is the new thing and its life-size, interactive, and just incredibly realistic looking. You wont even know the person or object is physically NOT in front of you.

Comedian Howie Mandel, one of several Proto Investors + Advisors, and Nussbaum show me where its used, how it works, and even have a little surprise for our crew back at the studio in Universal City. I get beamed from Van Nuys to Universal City and interact with Danielle Nottingham in studio through one of their M Boxes. Its not just the future of technology + holograms. According to Mandel, “it’s the future of everything.” So much will change with these boxes from retail to how you communicate with audiences or even family + friends. As Nussbaum says, “if you can’t be there, we’ll beam you there.”

For more information on Proto Holograms and how they work, check out their website at https://www.protohologram or on social: @protohologram



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