Break a Sweat and Get Your Cardio in With These 5 Boxing Moves

These five moves will get your heart rate up and can be done in your living room.

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Feeling sluggish and want to get back in shape? Trisha Virga of Virga Fit has a quick and effective cardio blast workout that tone and sculpt your body. Plus, it can be done from anywhere from your living room to your backyard.

Before your workout, make sure you are familiar with basic kickboxing moves like jab punches, upper cuts and hooks. Virgas recommends using light weights during the workout. If you don't have weights, cans or other light objects are a great substitute. Virgas also recommends writing out your workout beforehand so you know how long you will do each move.

Exercise #1: Jab Cross, Hook, Upper Cut

  • Make sure your punches are nice and long. Make sure to extend from your chin.
  • For an extra challenge, add in two jumping jacks in between each set.

Exercise: #2: Hook, Hook, Upper Cut, Upper Cut

  • Add in a squat in between moves to work your legs
  • To mix it up, try tabata style. You can pick the intensity of your workout based on your on and off intervals.

Exercise #3: Jab, Cross, Pump It Out

  • In this move, jab cross as fast as you can for a certain amount of time. Make sure you are keeping up your form.

Exercise #4: Elbow, Elbow, Knee

  • Alternate which knee you lift up to work both sides of the body.

Exercise #5: Four Quick Upper Cuts, Jab, Cross

  • This is the last exercise so make sure you are breathing through it.
  • Virga recommends adding two jumping jacks in between each move to really finish strong.
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