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Meet the New Heartthrob of ‘Saved By The Bell'

‘Saved By The Bell’ had teen hearts beating back in the day and now the reboot has young hearts racing again, thanks to this new heartthrob. ‘Saved By The Bell’ star Mitchell Hoog joins Dani to talk a...

  • Holidays Nov 24

    Jazz Up Your Turkey Day Decor

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you need help creating a festive atmosphere, don’t worry. Lifestyle expert Karina Lopez is sharing everything you need to jazz up your Turkey Day decor, from floral arrangements and dinnerware to ideas for personalized gifts.

  • behind the scenes Nov 21

    ‘Blacklist' Star Hisham Tawfiq's Journey Into Acting

    Jessica Vilchis has Hisham Tawfiq from ‘Blacklist’ on the hot seat to spill secrets from the set. He talks about the challenges of facing new restrictions while filming Season 8 and what it’s like working with his fellow castmates. Plus hear how he transitioned into acting after serving our country as a marine and firefighter for many years....
  • behind the scenes Nov 20

    ‘Law & Order: SVU' Hits Current Issues Head On in Newest Season

    Ice T and his partner in crime-fighting, Jamie Gray Hyder, team up to dish on the newest season of ‘Law & Order: SVU’. Ice T discusses his long journey on the show and some of the current issues from this past year that will be addressed this season, like the pandemic and civil unrest around police brutality. Plus, find out...

  • Holidays Nov 20

    How To Get Your House Ready for the Holidays

    After being stuck inside for so long, things around the home may be starting to get a little funky. Dean Sharp ‘The House Whisperer’ shares his pre-holiday checklist for getting the house ready for the fall and winter months, like cleaning the oven now that the kitchen is getting more action and decluttering before putting up Christmas decorations....
  • reality tv Nov 18

    Why ‘RHOSLC' Star Heather Gay is a “Good Mormon Gone Bad”

    “This is drama on a whole new level”, says Heather Gay of the newest ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, which exposes a whole new side of Salt Lake City. Set in the Mormon capital of the world, the show deals with an added layer of religion as single mother Heather grapples with leaving the church behind within the tight-knit community she grew...
  • Holidays Nov 18

    A Sneak Peek of Coach's New 2020 Holiday Collection

    Looking to rock a new handbag? Kim joins celebrity stylist Dani Michelle to unveil the fabulous new 2020 Holiday Handbag Collection from Coach. It has everything from stylish clutches to shoulder bags and belt bags for men or women. So with Black Friday around the corner, let the holiday shopping begin!

  • equine therapy Nov 18

    The Healing Power of Horses

    Saddle up and take a therapeutic ride at Horsepower Ranch in Carmel Valley. Ross Thomas sits down with Dr. Rob Magnelli and his wife Nancy of the Horsepower Program to discuss the benefits of Equine Therapy, which they believe can be used to treat everything from anxiety to depression and developmental disorders. Find out what makes horses the perf...
  • Activities for Kids Nov 18

    Easy At-Home Science Project With Mr. Science

    “It’s important to do science in a virtual world,” says beloved STEM certified educator, Mr. Science. He shows 22 first graders how to do mind-blowing science projects at home with simple everyday ingredients. Try this one with your kiddos—all you need is a ziplock bag, straws, pencils, and water. We promise, no explosions in the house.
  • home office Nov 18

    Make Your “Home Office” a Space You'll Love to Work In

    It’s been over six months of working from home so it’s no surprise if you’re starting to look around your office with utter fatigue. Queer Eye star and home interior designer Thom Filicia shows us exactly how to manipulate your desk to make it multi purpose, inspiring, and productive—including moving it around the room. “You want to be creative and...
  • gift guide Nov 18

    Fall Gifts Perfect for Socially Distanced Gatherings

    Gift giving has become more complicated over this past year. What do you get someone who can’t travel, socialize, or go to the gym? Lifestyle expert Amy E. Goodman shares useful and meaningful gifts for striving to live normally during a pandemic.

  • family health Nov 18

    Fun App Makes Lets Kids Design Their Eye Glasses

    Can’t get your kids to wear their glasses? A mother and entrepreneur had the same need. Fast forward to Fitz Frames, an eyewear company with a kid-friendly app that registers unique faces and allows kids to build their own awesome glasses. Plus, the glasses are blue light protected—one less thing to feel guilty about during screen time.
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