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USC's Cardinal Divas Dance Their Way Into the Spotlight With Viral TikTok

USC junior Princess Isis Lang created the first all-Black majorette dance team at the university.

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The Cardinal Divas of SC, the University of South California's first all-Black majorette dance team, are taking the country by storm. 

USC Junior Princess Isis Lang says she formed the dance squad to create a space for Black culture at USC.

"Going into college I looked at all the programs and dance teams and cheer teams they have available and I realized that none of them fit who I was as a student, as a Black girl," Lang said. "And I didn't want to change who I was to be able to fit into the standards here."

Majorette dancing is a tradition at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Lang says it has its roots in Western African dance and also incorporates jazz and hip hop.  

The Divas instantly went viral after Lang tweeted a small clip of the group's first performance at the Coliseum.  That tweet now has millions of views but has also brought some unwanted attention. 

The Divas have sparked debate over whether the HBCU tradition should have a place at predominantly white universities. 

"We knew once we did this we had to step out correct because we knew that it's from somewhere that's not originally from here," said Divas member Jada Walker. "So, we did it and we use that backlash as motivation and now we are here."

For more on The Cardinal Divas of SC, follow the team on Instagram at @TheCardinalDivasofSC.

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