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Elevate Your Work From Home Space

Make working from home ten times better with a few tips.

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Working from home can be tough but you can brighten any work space with just a few tips. California Live got some great ideas to improve your workspace at home from lifestyle expert Stacie Krajchir-Tom.

Bring Joy to Your Space

Get a small trinket that makes you smile or brings back a great memory. Plants and flowers also can elevate your emotions. Low maintenance plants like succulents are a win win as they are easy to maintain and are proven to purify air.

Simplify Your Workspace

Declutter your space when you can and organize pesky cords and headphones. Krajchir-Tom recommends using jewelry and tech accessory organizer from Lasso. Just slip, wrap and snap your accessories around the barrel to organize your cords. Plus it has built in storage for extra trinkets that may be laying around.

Protect Your Eyes

Protect your eyes from the digital glare and strain with glasses from Caddis Eye Appliances. These reading glasses will lessen the tension in your eyes. Plus they are fashionable and come in a variety of frames.

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Work Comfortably

Working from home can mean sitting a lot more than you are used to. Make sure yourself comfortable with a Tempur-Pedic SeatCushion. The cushion is designed to relieve pressure and evenly distribute weight so you can sit comfortably for extended periods of time.

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