Farming For Your Cocktails

Step up your mixology game with “farm to glass” ingredients from the Simple Goodness Sisters Cocktail Farm.

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Farming has been around for centuries. So why has it never occurred to anyone to start a farm that could be used solely for cocktails? Well, Venise and Belinda, the sisters behind Simple Goodness Sisters did have that thought. They created the Simple Goodness Cocktail Farm where, “as far as we can tell, [is] the world’s first exclusive cocktail farm.” They grow a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables, and edible flowers with one goal in mind: to make delicious drinks for the aspiring mixologist. Simple Goodness Sisters products as well as items made for the Simple Goodness Soda Shop are all grown on this farm to ensure the old-fashioned recipes and techniques that have been passed on to them from family and friends are used and preserved in every drink. The brand also uses sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices to maintain the natural and organic flavors of all their products.

Interested in trying out some of their recipes or products? You can! They offer a cocktail farm club which is their version of a traditional cocktail mixer “wine club” membership. Each release allows the member to experiment with their libations through drink recipes, micro-batch mixers, garnishes, syrups, and other products grown on the cocktail farm so “you can become a garden to glass mixologist at home.” Each box has items that are members only products and limited release and are sent out every 3 months. If a membership is too much of a commitment, they offer single purchase items on their website as well. For more info you can visit them at

Farm is located in Buckley, WA. Items for purchase are on their website (

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