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Gadgets are the Perfect Gift for the Person With Everything

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It's almost Christmas and if you need some cool but practical gifts for the person who has it all, look no further! Tech guru Jennifer Jolly has all the gadgets that everyone will love this holiday season.

Get a High Tech Gadget for Your Home

Get a loved one something that will make cleaning and keeping up with their clutter easier. One product fully endorsed by Jolly is the high tech Tineco Cordless Vacuum. It is quieter than most vacuums, chargeable and has LED highlights. Plus the vacuum can sense dirt so it can suction it up, leaving no dirt left behind.

"What makes this vacuum one of my favorite gadgets of the whole entire year is that it uses artificial intelligence to sense dirt, debris and dust, down to the width of hair a human year," said Jolly.

Get Two in One

Why buy a separate laptop and tablet when you can have both in one gadget? The Lenovo Yoga C940 functions as both a laptop and tablet plus additional features like a touch screen and a soundbar. With all the great additional features this laptop is perfect for multitaskers.

Keep Capturing the Memories

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To keep a hold of all the memories you are capturing, get a ibi Smart Photo Manager. The set up is simple: follow the device set up instructions, connect the device to Wi-Fi then download the app. Now anytime you walk into your home, your photos and videos will automatically upload to the device. This includes anything new on your device or social media, something Jolly said will help you do hold on to your memories.

"You don't just take a bunch of photos and get them locked in and stuck on your smart phone forever and ever," said Jolly. "You can actually do something with them."

Plus you won't run out of space on the device any time soon with quarter of a million photos and 100 hours of video storage.

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