Go Bananas Over This 3- Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe

Gluten-free + grain free = guilt free!

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Move over banana bread, California Live has an even simpler and delicious recipe to use up your ripe bananas. It's gluten-free, grain-free and guilt free. Chef Jamie Gwen has a simple recipe to whip up these three-ingredient banana pancakes.


  • One or two ripe bananas (if frozen make sure the bananas have thawed and let them drain of excess water)
  • A dash of baking soda
  • Two eggs (can use vegan egg substitute)
  • A pinch of salt for flavor
  • Additional ingredients for toppings like fruit, maple syrup or nuts


  • Mash up the bananas in a bowl and add in two whisked egg in a bowl
  • Stir mixture until smooth
  • Add in a dash of baking soda and pinch of salt
  • Cook pancakes in a hot greased pan, flipping halfway through, until deep golden brown on both sides and cooked through.
  • Once done add desired toppings
  • Enjoy!

To see more recipes from Chef Jamie Gwen visit her website.

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