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How to Keep Your Garden Green This Winter

You may not expect it, but winter can be a great time to see your garden flourish. Pull your green thumb out of your mitten and get planting with these cold weather tips.

Evergreen plants, as the name may hint, stay green throughout the year, and are good to plant and tend to in the winter months. Evergreen plants include rosemary, bluegrass, lavender, mahonia, dianella and lomandra.

Many fruit trees--such as peach, nectarine and plum trees--become dormant in the winter months, but that doesn’t mean they no longer require care. Once fruit trees become completely dormant, you should continue to spray them throughout the winter so they remain healthy.

Artichoke plants flourish when planted in the cold season. Get them in the ground now, and you will have yourself a leafy green vegetable by the time spring comes.

After artichoke plants have flowered, you can dry them out to make some eye-catching fall arrangements.

For some fragrant cool weather plants, consider planting violas or calendulas. They bloom all winter, and you won’t have to worry about them frosting over or freezing.

Narcissus bulbs can be planted in a pot with some gravel and water, and they will bloom in time for the holidays. Make sure you shallowly bury the bulb in a pot, and in about two to three weeks, you will have a collection of beautiful white flowers.

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California’s mild winter climate allows growers to plant vegetables in the colder months without much fuss. Cabbages and cauliflower can be planted in the winter, and will be ready to harvest by spring.

Just remember to use a big pot, as cabbages grow to be pretty large.

Just like cabbage and cauliflower, flowering sweet peas can be planted in the colder season. They will root in the winter and will bloom in spring.

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