Is Your Hair Falling Out? We May Have a Fix for You

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Are you finding a lot more hair on your brush in the morning than you used too? Well you are not alone as hair loss in women is common. Hair tends to get thinner the older you get or and other health problems can affect your lcoks. Dr. Sabrina Fabi was in the California Live studio and may have the hair fix for you.

Invest in Good Hair Products

What you put on your locks every single day makes a difference in the thickness and shine of your hair. Fabi recommends finding products thathydrate and nourish your hair. She recommends the Kérastase L'Huile Original Hair Oil which is suited for all hair types and will re-invigorate your hair with marula oil. Fabi also recomeneds not using clarifying products every day as that will strip your hair of the essential oils needed to keep it hydrated.

Buy Topical Products

If normal hair products aren't quite cutting it, you can buy topical hair products to jump start your hair regrowth. Fabi recommends using topicals like Minoxidil specifically 5 percent topical foams for women. Fabi said to apply the foam twice a day and massage it into your scalp to see results within a few months.

Try Low Level Red Light Therapy

A pricier option to help regrow your hair is low level red light therapy. The therapy is FDA-cleared and targets the most common areas of hair thinning and balding using LED lights. Options include the iRestore Laser Hair Growth.

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