Jazz Up Your Java at Verve Roasters

Verve takes coffee to the next level.

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With everything from Whiskey Lattes to Mexican Mochas, Verve Coffee Roasters sure knows how to jazz up a cup of joe.

With locations in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles, you can get these delicious drinks throughout California. Malou explored the inside the coffee shop and talked to the baristas on how they jazz up their normal cup of joe with unique flavors and java art.

One must try at Verve is their Whiskey Latte. The decadent treat topped with locally sourced sweet bourbon syrup. Although non-alcoholic, this drink is sure to give you the kick you need to get through your day.

Another unique item on the menu is the Nitro-Flash Brew that takes coffee to a whole new level. To make the drink, hot coffee is quickly frozen with nitrogen to smooth out the flavor and take away some of the acidity. The coffee is then served cold from the draught. The best part? By being served from the draught, the coffee comes out with a nice frothy top.

If you're looking for a plain latte or coffee, they have a range of other coffees, teas and drinks to choose from. But they make sure to top their drinks with their signature java art.

And don't worry Verve has food served daily, ranging from steel cut oats, chia seed pudding, sandwiches and salads.

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