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Looking For Love in 2020? Here's How to Find It

"Date with a clean slate" is your new 2020 dating motto!

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Looking for a new relationship this year? Relationship expert Monique Kelley explains why "date with a clean slate" is her new motto and dishes on how to find love in 2020.

Date With a Clean Slate

Leave any leftover lovers in 2019, don't bring them with you to 2020. Kelley stresses leaving all your baggage and old relationships behind in 2019 so you are open to new ideas and possibilities in relationships moving forward.

"In order for you to be open to the right relationship, you can't bring a bunch of baggage from an old relationship up," said Kelley. "You have to be open and ready to receive the love you deserve."

Don't Hold Onto a Relationship That's Not Working

Leaving a relationship can be hard but it can ultimately leave you much happier than you were. Kelley stresses that people shouldn't hold onto a toxic relationship just because it is comfortable or because they have already made Valentine's Day plans with that person. Kelley said if someone has shown you who they are, move on. A holiday or a romantic weekend away won't change who that person is.

"The benefit of the doubt will be the death of us," said Kelley. "A lot of times that person has shown us who they are... you've got to get rid of that and realize that person will be who they are. Get rid of the benefit of the doubt.:

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Remember Who You Are

Make sure you spend time with yourself to know what you want and what you can improve on in your next relationship. Kelley suggest trying something new, writing in a journal or taking yourself out on a self-care date to reconnect with what you want.

"In order to be open for the next relationship, you have to spend time remembering who you are and what's important to you," said Kelley.

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