Rock Some Red Hot Lips This Winter

Learn step by step how to get the perfect pout

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Make your pucker pop and experiment with some red hot red lips. Beauty blogger Mikaela South gave California Live a step by step guide on how to properly apply the perfect red lip.

Pare Everything Else Back To Make Your Lips Pop

Before even starting to apply your red lipstick, think about your overall look. By wearing more neutral colored clothes and lighter makeup your red lipsticks will be the star of the show. Plus wearing more neutral tones makes your red lips less likely to clash with other parts of your look.

"I like to go a little softer on the makeup, a little softer on the clothes and let the lips be the statement," said South.

Start By Exfoliating Your Lips

Start your lip routine by exfoliating your lips so they are luscious and plump. By buffing and exfoliating your lips, the lipstick will glide on smoother so it doesn't get caught up in dry or chapped lips.

Prep Your Lip With Lip Liner

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After exfoliating it's time to prep with lip liner. Outline your lips using a lip liner in a color complementary to your lipstick. After applying, South said she likes to blend her lip liner into the rest of her lip so the color is evenly distributed across your lip.

Consider Using Lip Stain

After applying your lip liner it's time to apply your red lip. South recommends using a lip stain instead of a lipstick, especially for beginners. Lip stains are great because they stay on all day and are easy to blend. South also recommends taking some of the lip stain on your finger and pressing it onto your lips to blend it. South said is a great way to get comfortable with applying a red lip.

"That way you can get comfortable with the intensity if you want to start off sheer," said South. "You can always add more by going straight to the lip stain and applying it right from the wand if you want more color."

Enhance Your Lips

The last step is to enhance your lips. South recommends using a concealer to line underneath your lips to prevent smudging. It also sharpens the line of the red lip so it will really pop.

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