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This is your ultimate summer 2024 reading guide 

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  1. Sandwich by Catherine Newman

The family has enjoyed their weeklong summer vacation on Cape Cod for years. Now with adult children and aging parents, Rocky finds herself balancing her family's needs while going through her own emotional ups & downs. You'll laugh, you'll, and find much to enjoy in this tender novel.

  1. The Dog of the North by Elizabeth McKenzie

A big-hearted, quirky novel of a family with all its messiness. Pamela Rush has left her husband, quit her job, her mother and stepfather are missing in Australia and her grandmother may, or may not, have a dead body in her house. Despite all this, Pam finds her way to carving a new path in her life.

  1. Service by Sarah Gilmartin

On a more serious side, Sarah Gilmartin has given us a thought provoking look at sexual harassment and abuse that occurs at a trendy, headline-grabbing restaurant, in Dublin. We learn early on that someone at the restaurant has been accused of rape, but this is more than a story of sexual abuse. Told in three voices, a young waitress, a celebrity chef, and the chef's wife, Gilmartin has given us a nuanced look at the fallout of quickly changing social norms.

  1. My Murder, by Katie Williams

A murder mystery with a subversive twist, where the "detective" is also the victim...or rather a clone of the victim. A new government program has allowed several newly murdered victims to come back. Lou a wife and mother of a two year old is one of these clones who realized that there's something amiss with the official story of her murder.

  1. Outraged, By Brian Copeland

How could I not include the debut novel by Brian Copeland. When San Francisco Police Officer Mickey Driscoll is gunned down in the driveway of his suburban Bay Area home in broad daylight, the suspects are numerous. Was the murder committed by someone close to him? An arrestee seeking revenge? Or was it one of the many rioters, activists, and militant groups harassing his family since he accidentally shot and killed an unarmed African American honor student?

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