Tips to Whip Up a Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Parfait

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Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated to be healthy and delicious. Make a breakfast yogurt parfait for filling meal. Celebrity chef Marisa Churchill has all the tips to whip up a scrumptious breakfast parfait on a time crunch.

Watch Your Sugar

To keep the parfait healthy, watch how much sugar is in the yogurt you use. Sugars and other unhealthy additives can sneak into the yogurt so check the back of the label. Churchill recommends no more than six grams of sugar in a four ounce serving. In her parfaits Churchill uses the 'Brainiac' yogurt'. It has added omega fatty acids to really give you a brain boost.

Meal Prep Your Breakfast

A yogurt parfait is a great breakfast to make ahead of time in case you are in a time crunch. You can make the ingredients like the alphabet granola and dark chocolate chia seed stars in advance so all you need to do is assemble the parfait the morning of.

Customize Your Dream Parfait

The best part about this breakfast is that you can customize your own parfait. You can add fruit, chocolate, granola and many other toppings to make your dream breakfast.

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