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Turn Your Living Room Into a Gym With These Simple Tips

You don't need a gym to get in a workout! Use everyday household products to get a great workout.

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Stay fit while staying at home! You don't need a full gym to get a great workout in. Professional personal trainer Amoila Ceaser has simple and easy tips to elevate your workout using household items.

  • Use canned food as weights. And pro tip: you can wrap multiple ones together to turn it into a heavier make-shift dumbBell
  • You can get a full body workout in using just a chair. Use it for step ups, tricep dips or elevated push-ups.
  • Use paper plates as makeshift sliders. This adds resistance when you are doing mountain climbers, tucks or lunges.
  • Use your couch as a piece of equipment. Elevate your legs for split squats, elevate legs, seated squats
  • Load up books in a backpack and use it as a makeshift sandbag.
  • If you are social distancing with someone, do partner workouts with them. Hold the other partner accountable to make sure you are getting in your daily exercise.

To see more ideas and check out his home workouts visit Ceaser's instagram.

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