The Parents' Guide to Angel Stadium - NBC Southern California

Give your family something to cheer about by taking them out to a ball game this summer. Here are 7 tips to ensure you and your kids have an unforgettable day.

Get in the Game

Get ready for the dramatic first glimpse at Angel Stadium—and be sure to capture your child’s reactions on camera. Pause at the main entrance, where giant baseball bats and red caps make the experience larger-than-life. Snap a photo here, or at one of the iconic bronze statues, including the team’s founder Gene Autry.

Feed the Whole Team

Sure, your kids are singing, “Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks,” but the song doesn’t mention all the other amazing food options at Angel Stadium. With helmet nachos and chili cheese fries, just to name a few, you’ll find all the classic baseball food offerings and then some. For a creative twist, try the Change Up Kitchen for player-inspired menus and enjoy your grub at the Center Field Picnic Area, the Outdoor Courtyard—or, of course, right at your seat.

Take Home a Memory

You’ll need something tangible to remember your fun times at Angel Stadium. Explore the Team Store right behind Home Plate, or one of the many other merchandise locations to shop and play. Whether you’re looking to splurge on a jersey, save on a t-shirt in the Family Value section or buy your own rally monkey, you’ll find souvenirs for the whole family.