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Hollie Steel Emerges As Competition For Susan Boyle On 'Britain's Got Talent'



    While the international fever for Susan Boyle shows no signs of cooling off, the competition show the Scottish singer is in – "Britain's Got Talent" — just introduced a new contender, who just might nip at her heels.

    Hollie Steel, a 10-year-old school girl, became the newest "Talent" darling during the audition round on the UK talent show, which is currently narrowing its field of contenders.

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    Dressed in a tutu and leotard, the pint-sized contestant thrilled judges Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden and actress Kelly Brook, after singing "I Could've Danced All Night" from "My Fair Lady."

    "It's ridiculous how much talent you have. The voice that came out of you I was stunned at," Amanda told the British elementary school child.

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    "I just thought you were incredible," Kelly added. "I just didn't expect that voice to come out of such a tiny little thing. You are absolutely beautiful and lovely."

    And Piers too, was amazed by the young girl, who admitted she would love to dance in front of the queen.

    "We've had lots of children on this show in three series now, I have never heard any of them sing as well as you," Piers said.

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    Simon, who looked genuinely shocked when the little girl opened her mouth to sing, also said the Julie Andrews-sounding Hollie, was impressive.

    "I didn't like what you were wearing because you came over as a typical little girl who wants to be a ballerina. I wasn't crazy about the song, then I heard you sing and I think Holly, you've got a fantastic voice," he said. "The fact that you don't know how good you are is what I really like about you. I think this might just be the tip of the iceberg with you because I think you're better than that."

    But Hollie wasn't the only one to impress on this past weekend's show. A gold-toothed man going by the name of DJ Talent was also put through after performing a call and answer style hip-hop number.

    "DJ Talent, against my better judgment [it's] four yeses," Simon said.

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