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Jennifer Aniston May Go Topless in Upcoming Flick

Her character also enjoys drugs and threesomes, according to one report



    Jennifer Aniston May Go Topless in Upcoming Flick
    Jennifer Aniston's latest movie is called Love Happens, but unfortunately for her, that's not always true. See who Jen's left behind on her trail of tears.

    Jennifer Aniston is clearly in good shape for a woman of any age -- let alone a 41 year old. Just how good, we may soon find out.

    Aniston's co-star in next year's Judd Apatow-produced comedy "Wanderlust," Malin Ackerman, let it slip at yesterday's People's Choice Awards nominee ceremony that Aniston likely plays a nudist in the film.

    "Wanderlust" is about a married couple (Aniston and Paul Rudd) who confuse a hippie commune for a B&B, at which point -- all together now! -- hi-jinx ensues. And yes, by hi-jinx we mean peyote-imbibing and bed-hopping, mostly.

    When asked by "Us" magazine about the odds of a naked Aniston appearing in the picture, Ackerman demurred: "There's a very big maybe. One of the cast members is a nudist -- I am not the nudist!"

    While Ackerman equivocated on the issue, the British press, as you might guess, has been less uncertain. In August the "Daily Mail" ran a story with the headline: "Jennifer Aniston Hoping to Relight Her Box Office Credentials With New Topless Film Role."

    The piece went on to report that Aniston's character "also indulges in a threesome with two other women, sleeps around with numerous men and takes drugs."

    If true, the role signals a considerable departure for the actress who has built her career on playing sexy but wholesome girls-next-door. But audiences may be growing weary of such characters. Aniston's last film, a rom-com with an unfortunate promotional poster called "The Switch," generated only $42 million at the global box office.

    For Rachel Green, er Jennifer Aniston, it could be the right time for a change.

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