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Jenny McCarthy
Talks Staying In Shape At 36



    Jenny McCarthy <br />Talks Staying In Shape At 36

    Jenny McCarthy may be 36, but she's bearing her lean and toned bikini body on the cover of the May issue of Shape magazine.

    And in a new interview with the magazine, the star explained why she's toned down her sexy image from her Playboy days.

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    "In 2002, when my son, Evan, was born, I dialed back that whole sex-kitten thing," the former Playmate and "Singled Out" host told the mag.

    But though she's no longer modeling, the 36-year-old star still looks like a cover girl. She revealed, however, that she tipped the scales at 211 pounds after giving birth.

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    "[Weight Watchers] taught me portion control and to be conscious of what I put in my mouth," she said. "I believe in… making smart food choices – like eating vegetables – and writing everything down."

    Part of her usual menu is due to Evan's autism – when he was diagnosed at age 3, both she and her son cut gluten and dairy out of their diets.

    Instead, the star said she typically eats an egg white omelet for breakfast and fresh fruits and vegetables with fish for lunch and dinner.

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    And for a snack?

    "Those little packages of nuts from Starbucks," she said.

    She also does yoga, and expects boyfriend Jim Carrey to join her in her Bikram sessions.

    "I've seen him eying my toned arms," she said. "I give it six months before I find him twisted into a pretzel."

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