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Pasadena Kid Behind No Cussing Club Appears on Leno



    Pasadena Kid Behind No Cussing Club Appears on Leno

    A Pasadena high school sophomore who became a target of profane and threatening e-mails after starting the No Cussing Club,
    will appear on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Wednesday night.

    McKay Hatch, who has book coming out  next week called "The No Cussing Club: How I fought Peer Pressure and How you Can Too," has found some powerful allies since taking on cussing two years ago as a middle school student.

    Since he's been the target of threats, the FBI is looking out for McKay. And Attorney Kelly Crabb, who handled the Elizabeth Smart case, is protecting his interests -- for free, the Orange County Register reported.

    Since the first of the year, McKay has gotten about 60,000 e-mails. Most of them have been supportive, according to the Register.

    "It's out of control," he said, adding that all the anger inspired him to take on bullies in his book.

    A practical joker had $2,000 worth of pizzas delivered to his home. Grown men have posted tirades against him on YouTube, the Register reported.

    Lake Forest pastor Denny Bellesi and his wife put up a video of the youth rapping his No Cuss song on their Kingdom Assignment Web site, but they got a death threat e-mail this week from someone demanding that the video be removed.