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Stars Tweet About New York Legalizing Gay Marriage



    Stars Tweet About New York Legalizing Gay Marriage
    Ellen DeGeneres performs on stage at Ellen's Bigger Longer & Wider Show during TBS presents A Very Funny Festival: Just For Laughs at the Chicago Theatre on June 17, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. 18462_0013.JPG

    Following the historic passage of the gay marriage bill in New York late Friday night, celebrities took to Twitter to voice their support.

    Ellen DeGeneres: “I'm thrilled about the news from NY. Marriage equality! Every day we get a little closer. What an amazing feeling.”

    Lady Gaga: “The revolution is ours to fight for love, justice+equality. Rejoice NY, and propose. We did it!!!"

    Russell Simmons: “As a proud New Yorker, I applaud the work of our state gov't and all of the advocates on tonight's vote to legalize same sex marriage.”

    Kathy Griffin: “tonight we're all New Yorkers! Straight & gay alike, let's all celebrate marriage #equality. The right side of history!”

    John Legend: "Happy that New York passed marriage equality tonight. A victory for human rights. Progress." He later Tweeted, "I guess New York will join 5 other states by descending into "anarchy" now, according to that wide receiver," in reference to former Giants football player David Tyree's remarks about the issue.

    Ricky Martin: “Time to celebrate!!! Marriage Equality for NYers! Its about... love!”

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    Katy Perry: "NEW YORK! I ♥ U! You're OFFICIALLY the coolest place on the planet!"

    Joy Behar: "Could not be more thrilled that gay marriage finally passed in NY. Congrats!!!"

    Rosie O’Donnell: "happy gays r here again !!!!!"

    Neil Patrick Harris: “It PASSED! Marriage equality in NY!! Yes!! Progress!! Thank you everyone who worked so hard on this!! A historic night!”


    Mandy Moore: MARRIAGE EQUALITY in NEW YORK! What a win and what a way to start the weekend!! California: time to follow suit.

    Lance Bass: "BIG BIG DAY FOR OUR FAMLIES 33-29 it passed!!!! Now lets educate people and make sure we make them feel comfortable with why this happened!"

    Lindsay Lohan: "GO NY!!!!" Then: "Nice work to Gov. Andrew Cuomo." And then: "Proud to be FROM NY!"

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