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Ariel Winter Guardianship Case Set for Trial

"Modern Family" teen will remain under the care of her older sister, while her brother tells E! News that the drama has been devastating for the rest of them



    Ariel Winter Guardianship Case Set for Trial
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    Actress Ariel Winter from "Modern Family"

    Ariel Winter isn't going anywhere.

    A judge set trial dates of Oct. 16 and Oct. 30 to hear the 15-year-old's guardianship case, meaning the "Modern Family" star will continue to live with her 34-year-old sister Shanelle Gray, with whom she's been staying since being removed from her mom's care in October.

    "That is ridiculous," gasped Ariel's mother, Chrisoula Workman, when she heard the date. She and Ariel's father, Glenn Workman, were in court today, while attorneys appeared on their daughters' behalf.

    Until the trial, Glenn Workman--who in a court filing asked for the chance to assume a bigger role in his younger daughter's life--will remain in charge of her finances.

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    Gray was appointed Ariel's temporary guardian on Oct. 3 after alleging that their mother, Chrisoula Workman, had been physically and verbally abusing her little sister--allegations that Workman has thoroughly denied.

    Workman has maintained in court documents that Ariel was angry with her for interfering in her relationship with an older guy, and that Gray, who has a number of TV acting credits to her name, had no prior relationship with her younger sister and is looking to advance her own career using the teen's connections.

    Ariel's doctor, her actor brother Jimmy Workman and other friends of their mom stated in declarations filed with the court that they never saw any signs of abuse. Gray's guardianship was extended in November, however, when investigators from the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services reported evidence of emotional abuse to the court.

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    Jimmy exclusively told E! News after court Friday that their whole family has been devasted by this and he's only seen Ariel once since October.

    "I'm sick of the lies," the "Addams Family" actor said, adding that his mom has been "destroyed by the press" and was cleared by authorities of all allegations related to Ariel's case but no one seemed to care about that.

    Their mother has "begged and pleaded" with Ariel to go to joint counseling, but to no avail, Jimmy said.

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    Gray's lawyer, Michael Kretzner, told E! News that they're actually holding out hope for some sort of resolution before October.

    "We are still hopeful that all parties come to an agreement without further litigation," he said. "The litigation for mother and daughter is stressful and expensive. Ariel would like to get on with her acting career." As for Ariel and Gray, "They're getting along great," he added.

    Ariel's court-appointed attorney, Amir Pichvai, told L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas that, despite his order for Ariel and her mom to attend counseling, the reconciliation remains "a work in progress."

    "Everyone has been participating, but not together," he said.

    When Chrisoula's attorney, David Glass, asked the judge if he could intervene, Levanas said, "Unfortunately, I don't have magic powers to make a 15-year-old" particpate in the process. "Forcing a teenager to do anything has not had positive results."